S  H  O  W  R  E  E  L  Z 
One for fun. One for story.
This year there are two showreels. The first one drives you through the latest work. The second one allows you to have a short look into the actual work. Like a trailer. Three projects are included:
◊ Fremde im Herzen Europas ◊ Documentary ◊ 43 Minutes ◊  Carpathian Mountains // Slovakia
◊ Making of Darb ◊ Reportage ◊ 13 Minutes ◊ Wadi Rum Desert // Jordan
◊ Alte Jugend ◊ shortfilm ◊  13 Minutes ◊ Hessen // Germany
Check out this one to get an Idea about the story behind it.
Looking for an Editor? Need A FILM?
A Powerful Overview.
This 2017 showreel gives a generel overview about my work during studying communication Design at Hochschule RheinMain. Including students projects, free works and paid jobs.

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