A shortfilm shot in Wadi Rum
Making of Film & Fotografie ◊ Filmstills ◊ 2017 Jordan
Darb (eng.: path) is about a young bedouin who tries to escape tradition. Set in the desert of wadi Rum at the beginning of the 20th century. Genre: coming of age.
For the shortfilm we stayed 7 days in the desert Wadi Rum in Jordan.
Student project: German-Jordanian University. Director: Abdel Rahman Al-Halawani.
A student shortfilm shot in the middle of the desert is special. Because of this I created an big making of package that can be used for marketing. It includes:

◊ Filmstills of Darb
◊ A making of shortfilm
◊ Making of photography of all locations
◊ Posters for the shortfilm based on filmstills
◊ student CGI excercises, cause it's the same set like Star Wars and The Martian for example
Making of Darb
The Film
Making of – Photography
Director: Abdelrahman Al-Halawani
Shooting a shortfilm in the open desert
At night in Wadi Rum
Shooting with an Old train
At the desert pool near the bedouin village
Based on the Filmstills + different Versions
CGI exercises.
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